How to best make use of the reflections
Nothing you find here will be ground breaking!

Many of the statements you will have seen or heard somewhere else, probably in a slightly different form.

Some of them may sound to you like clichés.

For some of them, you will say to yourself 'I am already doing that. Nothing here for me.'

If you think that, you will be missing the point and wasting an opportunity.

Start with the reflection that you can always improve.

If you are serious about developing and expanding your lives, think deeply, study and reflect.

Ask yourself probing questions and allow your mind to explore the possibilities.
If you read the reflection and start delving deeper into the meaning, even if it sounded like a cliché before, once you start understanding the depth and absorbing the true and deeper implications, you will realise that these are not just letters on the page.

So, don't be tempted to reject them as 'I've seen it before' or 'I am already ok wit that'.

Instead, have a second, third look and fourth look.

Ask yourself if you truly understand the meaning. Are you practicing it? Fully?

If you are ready now, click on the Home icon and open the reflection page.

I wish you a happy start to your life adventure...
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